Woman returns home to find her Dunwoody apartment in ruins after explosion

DUNWOODY, Ga. — Residents of the Arrive Perimeter Apartments are trying to figure out the next steps to put their lives back together after an explosion rocked the complex on Sunday.

Kyeema Johnson is one of the residents of the Arrive apartments trying to get her life back together.

“It’s just crazy. Some people have their entire lives in those apartments,” said Johnson.

On Monday night, she worked the exclusive, star-studded Met Gala in New York City. On Tuesday, after the bright lights dimmed and the yells of the paparazzi could no longer be heard, reality began to hit. She would return back to Georgia to see what’s left of her apartment after Sunday’s explosion.

“Yesterday, I worked the Met Gala. It was a great experience. But in the back of my head, I’m thinking I’m going home to nothing,” said Johnson.

This Sunday, one of the buildings at the complex exploded, leaving four people injured.

Officials are investigating, but witnesses said they smelled gas both before and after the blast.

“All I could smell was gas, like, really, really strong,” said resident Devin Sims.

“When an explosion occurs, you have a ‘near vicinity’ effect, and then it radiates outward to other structures and buildings,” said Dr. David Scott.

Scott heads the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction at Georgia Southern University. He said structural engineers will work tirelessly to assess the integrity of the surrounding buildings at the complex.

“If the air blast has blown away the concrete covers and those bars are standing on their own instead of encased, they can be subject to buckle,” said Scott.


As for Johnson, she has no plans to move back to the apartment complex and may pursue legal action against the property management.

“They have to pay for this; they have to,” said Johnson.

Johnson will stay at a hotel and try to put her life back together in the meantime. She also has a gofundme setup for donations.