Get ready to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets this weekend thanks to Saharan dust

A burst of dry, dusty air from the Sahara Desert in Africa has arrived Friday morning and will move across the southeast over the next few days.

Meteorologist Brian Monahan has been telling you about the dust for the past week. While it’s not unusual for this time of year, Monahan says the dust will do a couple of important things:

First, it will limit tropical development in the Atlantic over the next couple of weeks as dry, dusty air is the exact opposite of what tropical systems need to develop.

Secondly, here at home, some of that dust will likely be in the sky over north Georgia. The dust refracts sunlight; that means sunrises and sunsets could be particularly brilliant orange and red.

On the flip side though, the air quality won’t be so great for those who have breathing issues or allergies. So you will want limit your time outside the next few days.

SAHARAN AIR LAYER: Gooooood morning! Dust from the Sahara Desert has arrived across the southeast, and we should be...

Posted by Brian Monahan, WSB on Friday, June 26, 2020