Metro police department asks for cards for soldier oversees, community responds in a huge way

MILTON, Ga — The community of Milton is coming together to send care packages to one of their own fighting for the country.

At Milton Police Headquarters, Capt. Charles Barstow examines a stack of cards and letters that have been collected to be sent to an officer deployed in the Middle East.

“We don’t have to wear masks at recess! That’s some of the stuff happening in Milton,” Barstow read. They are carefully reading handwritten notes and drawings from local elementary school children, all for Officer Rebecca Tidwell.

“Hope you can come home soon. Milton, Georgia. And there’s a picture of a tank and a police car,” Barstow said.


Tidwell is a member of the United States Air Force Reserve and has been deployed in Afghanistan for the last eight months.

When the police department took to social media and asked the community to send over a few cards to be mailed overseas, they came in by the dozens.

“It’s fantastic. Just the time and effort the kids put into those cards to send over. You can imagine the unit being able to look at the cards and see the love and respect they put into each one,” Barstow said.

Along with the letters, there are cases and cases of snacks. Pop-Tarts are Tidwell’s favorite, according to her fellow officers. They will be shipped to Central Asia too.

“She is missed, without a doubt. Both in the department and in the community. We are ready for her to return as soon as they allow her to.”