Law expert skeptical of President’s Trump legal strategy as vote count continues here in GA

ATLANTA — An expert in election law tells said he is skeptical of President Donald Trump’s legal strategy as ballots continue to be counted across the country.

Georgia State University college of law professor Eric Segall said the approach appears to rely on challenging the sheer volume of mailed-in ballots in Georgia.

Segall told Channel 2 investigative reporter Richard Belcher that challenging the volume of mail-ins is less a legal argument than a policy argument.

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“I honestly don’t see Georgia judges -- I know most of them -- I don’t see Georgia judges, federal or state, buying that argument, either district court or the court of appeals. I won’t predict the Supreme Court’s view on that kind of argument,” Segall said.

He said he does not expect the legal contests to end quickly.


“Given Donald Trump’s well-deserved reputation for fighting to the very last straw, I don’t think his supporters would deny that. In fact, I think they would say it’s a good thing,” Segall said. “He will fight every way possible, including in the courts, including in the Supreme Court, which is 6-3 Republican. Nobody should take anything for granted until the Congress certifies this election.”

Segall said if former Vice President Joe Biden wins in other state that have still have yet to be called, then that could change things.

“The temperature goes way down,” Segall said. “Having said that, I think there is a national interest and a national concern correctly with what happens in the state of Georgia. No matter what, Biden wins elsewhere, if Biden can carry Georgia, the implications of that for national politics I think are serious.”

Serious because that would signal real change in a region that has been almost universally red on post-election maps since about 1984.

Bill Clinton was the last democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia, and that was 28-years ago.