To infinity and beyond: ‘Toy Story 3’ high school graduation photo goes viral

SOMERSET, Texas — It is the day that every parent can’t wait for and, at the same time, dreads: when their child is grown and is ready to move on to their next phase.

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A Texas family documented the moment when their son graduated high school and is ready to transition to college in a way that, if anyone has seen “Toy Story 3,” will necessitate a box of Kleenex.

Josiah Robles graduated last month from Somerset High School in Somerset, Texas, Gray News reported.

His mother decided to recreate the end of “Toy Story 3,” the one where Andy leaves his childhood toys, and friends, Buzz, Woody and the gang behind, giving them to a little girl to take care of.

She was inspired by a similar Facebook post, Josiah told My San Antonio.

Josiah stands in for Andy but all the toys are lined up to say goodbye as Josiah prepares for college.

It was more than just the toys, though.

“‘Toy Story’ was really my childhood go-to movie,” Josiah told My San Antonio. “I had no problem watching it 24/7.”

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The new freshman will be attending Baylor University and will study mechanical engineering.

The photo, which has been given nearly 18,000 likes and 1,000 retweets, was taken by Brandon Romero, a friend of the Robles family, Gray News reported.