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Channel 2 presents: Severe Weather Season, a Family 2 Family special

WSB-TV Channel 2 presents Severe Weather Season, a 30- minute special dedicated to making sure Georgians are prepared for strong dangerous storms now and in the future.

“As the leader of Severe Weather Center 2, it’s my responsibility to keep Georgians informed every step of the way when we have life-threatening weather headed our way,” said Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns.

Burns will take viewers behind the scenes of Severe Weather Center 2 for an up-close look at the advanced storm-tracking technology that Severe Weather Team 2 uses to warn people before storms strike and track dangerous weather systems until Georgia neighborhoods are in the clear.

“A new study revealed that there has been a shift in tornado alley and Georgia could become more of a hot spot for dangerous tornadoes in the future,” said Meteorologist Brad Nitz.

Nitz will explore new groundbreaking research, happening at The Center at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, that could help predict tornadoes earlier and give meteorologists the tools to warn viewers even earlier than they already can.

Severe Weather Season also takes viewers back to Newnan, Georgia to get a look at the long-lasting impacts of destructive storms, one year after the EF-4 tornado caused massive damage to that community. Viewers will also hear from the family of the man who died during the Newnan tornado.

WHO: Severe Weather Team 2

WHAT: Severe Weather Season

WHEN: Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 7 p.m.

WHERE: WSB-TV | Channel 2 and Streaming on WSB Now