Savannah Chrisley marks brother Grayson’s birthday with video tribute: ‘Proud to be your sister’

ATLANTA — With her parents in federal prison, Savannah Chrisley has had to take on the role of parent to her younger siblings.

Her brother Grayson turned 18 on Thursday and Savannah helped celebrate the milestone with a video montage posted to social media featuring her brother.

“HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY GrayBug!” Savannah said to start off the post. “I am so proud of you and the young man that you are becoming @graysonchrisley.”

Savannah even got a little emotional about what life has handed them over the last couple of years.

“Many people look at our situation and think, ‘She saved him.’ But little do they know… YOU saved ME,” she said, referring to her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley’s ongoing legal issues. “This past year and a half we have spent countless hours talking, crying, and laughing…and I wouldn’t trade a single moment! You have shown up for me and loved me more than most in my life.”

“I am so proud to be your sister Grayson Myles Chrisley ❤️,” Savannah ended her post with.

Savannah has been open about the struggles she has had raising her siblings but has also shown her love for them through her posts on social media.

“I’m not their mom. I’m not their dad. I’m their sister and I get to love and guide them through life. Being a bonus parent is TOUGH…no one could ever add up to their parents. But these kiddos have shown me so much love, patience, grace, understanding, and appreciation!” she said in a July 2023 Instagram post.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Savannah spoke about the praise she has gotten from her brother for stepping in as a parent.


“I think one thing that I appreciate from you and love you so much for is you said, ‘Hey, you’re doing a really good job. I know it may feel like you’re not, but you’re doing a good job,’” Savannah said, while Grayson responded, “Yeah, because you’re a kid raising two kids.”

Parents Todd and Julie Chrisley, best known for the reality series “Chrisley Knows Best,” were found guilty of criminal bank fraud and tax evasion in June 2022.

Channel 2 Action News first started investigating the Chrisleys in 2017, when we learned that Todd Chrisley had likely evaded paying Georgia state income taxes for several years.

Court documents obtained by Channel 2 Action News showed that by 2018, the Chrisleys owed the state nearly $800,000 in liens.

The couple eventually went to trial and a federal jury found them guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion.


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