Rapper shot at on the Atlanta interstate, feels recent violence is not representative of the city

ATLANTA — Grammy nominated artist and Atlanta native, Cyhi the Prynce, said he crashed his vehicle on Interstate 20 last week when another motorist fired a gun at him.

Cyhi, who splits his time between Atlanta and Los Angeles, said he was riding along I-20 when someone pulled up beside his Bentley SUV.

He initially thought the driver was trying to initiate a race on the interstate. Instead, Cyhi said, the motorist began shooting. He crashed his car while fleeing for his life.

“It’s not really about my situation,” Cyhi said. “I just don’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

He said he is at a loss trying to figure out what could have made him a target for this type of violence. Cyhi said he feels like these types of crimes are not representative of what Atlanta has to offer.


“I just want to make sure my city is safe for all the beautiful things that we’re coming up with in the film industry. We have so many comedians here,” Cyhi said.

He fears the violence could actually slow Atlanta’s growth in the entertainment industry.

“Let’s professionalize it. Let’s cut the violence out because that’s the reason why we don’t have those different entities reaching out to us to be able to do different creative things. We are looked at as street,” Cyhi said.