Police taking precautions as Election protests expected across Washington D.C., near White House

The White House, law enforcement and businesses in downtown Washington D.C. are gearing up for Election Day and the expected protests and large crowds.

Businesses were drilling and sawing wood on Monday to board up storefronts after windows were smashed over the summer following the civil unrest from the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in May.

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Protesters are expected to gather along Black Lives Matter Plaza, which sits near the White House.

The Metropolitan Police Department said it’s preparing for everything from crowd control to potential disruptions to transportation systems.


“I do have concerns,” said MPD Chief Peter Newsham. “We have seen a lot of unrest around our country and some here in Washington DC. We will have the entire police department working on that day and the days that follow.”

Reports say federal authorities are putting up a fence around the entire perimeter of the White House, which is where President Trump is expected to spend election night.

Secret Service would not comment or give any details about the security plan.