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Marietta City Schools superintendent looks for return to normalcy as kids head back this year

MARIETTA, Ga. — The big theme this year as the metro district heads back to school, is a return to a sense of normalcy.

From security to COVID-19, Channel 2′s Fred Blankenship found out the plans for Marietta City Schools so that students can focus on learning.

“We’re excited to welcome our kids back,” Marietta City Schools Superintendent Dr. Grant Rivera said.

Teachers and staff of Marietta City Schools are busy getting ready for Aug. 3. After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rivera told Blankenship the overall goal is a return to a sense of normalcy.

“I want to welcome them back and let them be students again,” Rivera said.

One of the main priorities of course, is on education.

“We have been very proactive around science and reading, helping all kids reach their fullest potential relative to reading, to address some of the reading comprehension challenges kids have,” Rivera said.


There’s also a focus on school safety, especially in light of the deadly school attack in Uvalde, Texas.

“Operational protocols in the building, working with Marietta Police Department, really being proactive around making sure that our schools are as safe as possible so we can focus on the love and learning that should be the priority,” Rivera said.

Rivera said there will be subtle changes, like signs reminding teachers not to prop open doors and school resource officers, who will continue to serve as protectors and mentors.

Rivera said that COVID-19 measures will be nuanced.

“Masks will be optional but we will continue to do all of the mitigation strategies that we saw that will be helpful while at the same exact time establishing a sense of normalcy and love and learning in the buildings,” Rivera said.

“Talk about the amazing teachers and what you’re hoping for them and what they might need to have a great year,” Blankenship asked Rivera.

“I want to remove every distraction that educators have so they focus on the child and be the best version of themselves as an educator in our schools,” Rivera said.